At Animal Crackers, we take the safety and care of your animal seriously. While pet sitting and dog walking are lots of fun, we know it's important to offer more than just our word. That's why Animal Crackers is fully insured and bonded through Binks Insurance Brokers.

Binks offers comprehensive coverage to help us ensure you receive maximum peace of mind. For more information on Binks or our coverage, please click here.

For our facility, Animal Crackers carries extensive property insurance that covers everything from natural disasters and fire to theft. Our facility is also alarmed and monitoring through SecurTek.

Muffin and Lexie absolutely love having you come to visit. With Muffin's health conditions, I don't think we would trust him to anyone else. We're so glad we found you, and so thankful for your help.

– Lorna

Animal Crackers Pet Care

2015 Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1S2