At Animal Crackers, we believe pets aren't just animals, they're members of the family. While there's no substitute for the love they get from you, your pets receive the same level of care and attention from a pet care professional that they are used to from you.

Happiness is our bottom line

We don't measure our success in dollars, we measure it in the health and happiness of you pets. After all, a little extra time and effort out of pocket is a small price to pay for the unconditional affection and admiration of a happy critter.

Pet care that lasts a lifetime

We work hard to forge lasting, trusting relationships with our clients and their pets. We want you to feel entirely comfortable and confident whenever your animal is in our care.

A complete care experience

No matter what sort of care you're looking for - big or small, in your home or out - we're always pleased to find a solution that's right for you, and are happy to share any advice or assistance we can.

That little bit extra

We do our utmost every day to ensure your pet receives the maximum amount of time and attention we can provide. Whether it's swimming in the river or hanging out at your home, there's no place we'd rather be!

Thanks for all of your help with Piper and Sammy. They always look forward to you coming to visit. You've become such an important part of their lives!

– Brenda

Animal Crackers Pet Care

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